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About Me

Katheryna Xingye Du

I grew up in China and then spent my entire teenage years in the United States. During the brief 20 years of my life, I moved to different cities, moved across the continent, shifted in different environment, and met so many interesting people. This particular experience made me an open-minded person and inspired me to become a bridge that connect different communities and individuals. 

I am also an invested reader and film watcher. I lover reading literatures that explore the topics of love, fantasy, dystopia, and reality. As for films, I am enthusiastic to discuss the plot, aesthetic aspects, and actor's contribution to a film. On the other hand, I often jokingly call myself a fashionista. I wouldn't say that I follow every fashion trends, but I do consider myself quite stylish. I wanted to share some of my shopping haul experience, and how to match an outfit to the appropriate occasion.

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