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Book Review #3 A Court of Silver Flame

A Court of Silver Flame

Sorry I skipped 2 book reviews of the ACOTAR series and jumped to the fifth book, because I believe this book is more meaningful and worthy of your time.

The narrative of A Court of Silver Flame shifted from Feyer to her sister Nesta. This is very much a character driven book, which is probably why I loved it so much. I’ll take that over plot any day, especially when it’s done well. However, there is a plot present. The world-building become even more epic in this book. It was so much more solid, since it was built upon from the other books in the series. I mean, that House? I want one! Although the plot line of this book is not as strong as other books in the series, this book definitely spent more time on discussing the effect of trauma and the journey of self-healing. To be honest, before reading this book, Nesta might be my least favorite character of the series. She is mean, difficult, aloof and she was never a good sister to Feyer. However, A Court of Silver Flame provides the back story of how Nesta was being raised by her mother and what happened resulted in her being an unlikable character. All of her resentment towards her father and why she had such a spiky personality all make sense to me now. What is even more impressive about this book is that it shows the journey of Nesta navigating through her own traumatic experiences and gradually finds her own worth. Although I have never gone through the similar experience as her, I definitely feel resonated with Nesta. Certainly everyone in this world have had moments of doubting ourselves and feeling undeserved of love and friendship. However, what’s important is to find the courage to move on and understand that our stories are worthy of telling.

This book made me cry tears of sadness and happiness!

The strength these women (Gwen, Emerie and the other priestesses) showed through the help of Nesta and Cas and Az were amazing. But ultimately they did it themselves. I love finding characters that are like this as I can try my hardest to be the same way. Reading this book is like a therapeutic experience for me.

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