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Movie Review #1 Everything Everywhere All at Once

I would say this is one of the best movies I have watch for my entire life. I first watched this movie in 2022, and I was blown away. When my mom came to the U.S. to visit me for the spring break, I watched it again with her. The movie has brought some insightful lights to my life.

  1. Do you have an upside-down life?

The first part of the topic is called Everything. At the beginning of the movie, Evelyn is in everything, and her husband repeatedly wants to bring it up and talk to her, but she can't hear it at all. The daughter also wants her mother to accept her gay girlfriend, and Evelyn has no time to take care of it. When life is swept into trivial matters, we fall into a cage, like a hamster on a wheel, dealing with one thing after another, achieving one goal after another, seeing no one, only constant rigid coping . In the beginning, we chose to face and deal with it for love, for happiness, and for our family members, and chose to achieve our goals. In the end, we actually live for the goal, and forget the original intention. In our eyes and in the world, there are only things, no people, and no emotions. Things are more important than people and the emotions between each other. This is the dilemma of many modern people, right? We live a life of putting the cart before the horse, making ourselves unhappy for the sake of long-term happiness, and end up forgetting why we are doing it. What is holding us back? What turned us upside down? When did we become numb, mechanical, callous, just a social machine going about our chores?

2. Life is a Joke

Evelyn and her daughter Joy, a pair of mother and daughter, are also in a causal relationship with deep grievances. They used to be enemies; they were the warden and the prison guard. The daughter has been looking for her, not chasing her down, but actually looking for someone who feels the same way as her. " I just want to find someone who can see what I see and feel what I feel. " ---Joy

Joy's series of weird and absurd behaviors are all in order to get her mother's attention and understanding. A child has been to a thousand universes, looking for a mother who can experience and understand her. How powerful is this longing for maternal love, which makes a child search for it all her life. Looking for the missing maternal love in childhood, looking for the light of response, affirmation and praise for life. When Evelyn finally empathized with her daughter Joey, they became two round stones on the mountain, and had the following conversation:

Evelyn: I'm sorry, I screwed up! I'm so stupid!

Joey: Shhh, we don't care about that here, we're all stupid, just make a rock right now. Small and stupid human beings, that's what we are. For a long time in history, we regarded the earth as the center of the universe, killing and torturing those who disagreed, until we discovered that the earth actually revolves around the sun, and this sun is only one of the trillions of suns just one of.

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